it was a mild October day.


The leaves had just transformed in to the fireworks of colors that we so often associated with autumn. 


i was in the midst of a journey from far southern tip of the blue ridge parkway to the very end of the long winding road that


races across the top of the great smoky mountains. 


i was in the middle of a rut in life. i had moved nearly every six months for 5 years. 



i was searching.

i was tried.

i was beaten.

i was lost.

i was alone.

i was trying to find something unattainable.

i was looking for a home. 







i had grown up in memphis. the city on the bluff had always held a strong connection to me, as it does for many memphians.

in my time here, i have seen the city have incredible growth and unbelievable set backs.

as i was on top of the mountain i made a simple choice. 


“i am going to go back to memphis.”

much like elvis, bb king and the other heroes of this city before me, i was going back to the only city i considered home. 


in october '14 i decided to go home.

in january '15 i began to save.

in april '15 i quit my job.

and finally in may i journeyed back. 

as soon as i pulled into the city off the i-40, i knew i was where i needed to be. 





over the past year i have dreamed what fulfilled potential looks like.


for this city

for myself

for my community




we began the journey that has become  bozwell + lily