photo by Cassie Cook

photo by Cassie Cook

honesty is a loss art. well now i think about it, might not art isn't the right word. but, just a lost dimension of life. too often people make excuses of the "why" or "how" or "what" that has stopped them from what they believe to be success.

the only reason i feel confident in saying this is because I do this all too frequently. I build excuse on top of excuse like a house of cards. one change in the wind and every lie tumbles down. 

over the last few month bozwell+lily has become a burden. a good burden. a scary burden. but a burden all the same. and the weight of this burden is heavy on my heart.

i think many times what i look for is the grand. the big. the overwhelming.

things that will become a quick, tangible success.




i want all of those things, and i want them to happen fast.

but slowing down and being present for the process is much more rewarding than the destination. 

 photo by Cassie Cook

photo by Cassie Cook

it is also why i started this business. I have always wanted to do something out of love. not something that would be an unwanted burden.

so today i refocus

today I ignore the why, how + what that is holding me back,

but the why, how + whatthat drives my journey.

-benjamin fulfer

benjamin fulfer