presenting | Bozwell + Lily /// a memphis celebration


we started bozwell + lily as an adventure. as a risk. as something that would resonate with our home — memphis. to stir emotions of past, present and future. we have taken our passion for this city to create something that we believe can be hard yet beautiful. 

"anywhere the struggle is great, the level of ingenuity and inventiveness is high." - Eleni Zaude Gabre-Madhin 

on april, 23rd from 6p-10p we are throwing a special event at loflin yard in downtown memphis.

it is an introduction of sorts (a big ole embrace). it is our way of saying hello and telling you a bit about ourselves. it is also a party. we are bringing musicians from right here in memphis and all the way from atlanta to celebrate our little journey. let's swap stories. in-real-life instead of digitally.


let's use this as an opportunity to bring our community closer together. we have brand new products in tow that we hope will spark conversation – ones for you to touch, feel, and hold. and with any great get together, we want to create the best experience possible.

join us for us to introduce ourselves to you, our community... our home. hope to see y'all there.

our pop up shop will be live from 12pm-6pm

then we are gonna boogie from 6pm-10pm with musical guests including

Grace Askew /// The Wealthy West /// Matthew Wright 

If you would like to support our event please visit our kickstarter here


benjamin fulfer