Our Next Chapter /// Brick and Mortar Pop up This November


All stories are different. They have a multitude of casts and characters that all overlap and mesh to create a cohesive thread of a journey. There is a beginning, a middle and an end.

This November, we are excited to turn the page on a new chapter in our story. We are opening our first brick + mortar location. This semi permanent location will be open from Nov. 6-30th, with the idea of peering into the future of bozwell+lily. We are taking a big risk with our money, time and resources in the pursuit of fulfilling our larger vision for the brand.


Located at 7 N Main in Downtown Memphis, TN this location will be a welcoming home. There you can see our full selection of goods along with our pop up coffee shop, live shows and much more.

Our goal is for you to come and experience something new and exciting in Memphis.

So consider this our invitation to you. To come experience our next chapter. To experience our next step. We would love to show you all the hard work and love we have planned for you.

You are the characters of our story. Your love and support are the lyrics of our song.

Our doors will officially open on November 6th, and from the first moment they swing open, to the final time they close on November 30th, we hope you'll come to call this place a home with us. 


We beyond excited to see all of your faces in our new space. We would love nothing more than to share all the laughs with you. We want you to feel open and free to drop by, and to stay awhile.

Our doors are to open to you, because you are the characters of our story. Your love and support are the lyrics of our song.

Thank you from the top of our head to the button of our tapping toes... we are humbled and blown away by all of you.

benjamin fulfer