our first drip

our mornings start like most. the intrusive invasion of the morning along. our eyes flutter as we crawl from the warm of our bed. 

our eyes burn and long to return to the adventures our dreams provide.

we wrestle our will to get to the kitchen in order to create the sweet nectar of a cup of coffee.

this tradition gives us life. the slow brew that flushes the aroma of freshly ground coffee bean thoroughly the cool morning air. 

we can almost taste the caffeine as the coffee drips slowly to the perfect rhythm of our morning.

as the brew finished the comfort the taste of this magical drink sweeps over us and we believe that the day can be conquered.

many times this tradition will be skipped due to a night that lasted a little too long the day before, or a few more precious minutes in the unconscious.  

but the days we get this tradition are treasures.

we take in each sweet note of our coffee and each beautiful drip in our mugs. there is almost a serenity to the process.

the weight.

the grind.

the brew.

the consumption.

coffee is a daily mediation and a place of calm. must like a delightful dinner with friends or a road trip to a new place, it gives us life.


we would like to share our tradition with you. 

that is why we offer our favorite, Dr. Bean's Coffee and Tea Emporium, on our site. we offer the freshest beans, roasted on thursdays and shipped on mondays.

our hope is that you too join us in our morning tradition. 


benjamin fulfer