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35 North Tucker Street
Memphis, TN, 38104



Our Next Chapter /// Brick and Mortar Pop up This November

benjamin fulfer


All stories are different. They have a multitude of casts and characters that all overlap and mesh to create a cohesive thread of a journey. There is a beginning, a middle and an end.

This November, we are excited to turn the page on a new chapter in our story. We are opening our first brick + mortar location. This semi permanent location will be open from Nov. 6-30th, with the idea of peering into the future of bozwell+lily. We are taking a big risk with our money, time and resources in the pursuit of fulfilling our larger vision for the brand.


Located at 7 N Main in Downtown Memphis, TN this location will be a welcoming home. There you can see our full selection of goods along with our pop up coffee shop, live shows and much more.

Our goal is for you to come and experience something new and exciting in Memphis.

So consider this our invitation to you. To come experience our next chapter. To experience our next step. We would love to show you all the hard work and love we have planned for you.

You are the characters of our story. Your love and support are the lyrics of our song.

Our doors will officially open on November 6th, and from the first moment they swing open, to the final time they close on November 30th, we hope you'll come to call this place a home with us. 


We beyond excited to see all of your faces in our new space. We would love nothing more than to share all the laughs with you. We want you to feel open and free to drop by, and to stay awhile.

Our doors are to open to you, because you are the characters of our story. Your love and support are the lyrics of our song.

Thank you from the top of our head to the button of our tapping toes... we are humbled and blown away by all of you.

our first drip

benjamin fulfer

our mornings start like most. the intrusive invasion of the morning along. our eyes flutter as we crawl from the warm of our bed. 

our eyes burn and long to return to the adventures our dreams provide.

we wrestle our will to get to the kitchen in order to create the sweet nectar of a cup of coffee.

this tradition gives us life. the slow brew that flushes the aroma of freshly ground coffee bean thoroughly the cool morning air. 

we can almost taste the caffeine as the coffee drips slowly to the perfect rhythm of our morning.

as the brew finished the comfort the taste of this magical drink sweeps over us and we believe that the day can be conquered.

many times this tradition will be skipped due to a night that lasted a little too long the day before, or a few more precious minutes in the unconscious.  

but the days we get this tradition are treasures.

we take in each sweet note of our coffee and each beautiful drip in our mugs. there is almost a serenity to the process.

the weight.

the grind.

the brew.

the consumption.

coffee is a daily mediation and a place of calm. must like a delightful dinner with friends or a road trip to a new place, it gives us life.


we would like to share our tradition with you. 

that is why we offer our favorite, Dr. Bean's Coffee and Tea Emporium, on our site. we offer the freshest beans, roasted on thursdays and shipped on mondays.

our hope is that you too join us in our morning tradition. 



benjamin fulfer

photo by Cassie Cook

photo by Cassie Cook

honesty is a loss art. well now i think about it, might not art isn't the right word. but, just a lost dimension of life. too often people make excuses of the "why" or "how" or "what" that has stopped them from what they believe to be success.

the only reason i feel confident in saying this is because I do this all too frequently. I build excuse on top of excuse like a house of cards. one change in the wind and every lie tumbles down. 

over the last few month bozwell+lily has become a burden. a good burden. a scary burden. but a burden all the same. and the weight of this burden is heavy on my heart.

i think many times what i look for is the grand. the big. the overwhelming.

things that will become a quick, tangible success.




i want all of those things, and i want them to happen fast.

but slowing down and being present for the process is much more rewarding than the destination. 

photo by Cassie Cook

photo by Cassie Cook

it is also why i started this business. I have always wanted to do something out of love. not something that would be an unwanted burden.

so today i refocus

today I ignore the why, how + what that is holding me back,

but the why, how + whatthat drives my journey.

-benjamin fulfer

presenting | Bozwell + Lily /// a memphis celebration

benjamin fulfer


we started bozwell + lily as an adventure. as a risk. as something that would resonate with our home — memphis. to stir emotions of past, present and future. we have taken our passion for this city to create something that we believe can be hard yet beautiful. 

"anywhere the struggle is great, the level of ingenuity and inventiveness is high." - Eleni Zaude Gabre-Madhin 

on april, 23rd from 6p-10p we are throwing a special event at loflin yard in downtown memphis.

it is an introduction of sorts (a big ole embrace). it is our way of saying hello and telling you a bit about ourselves. it is also a party. we are bringing musicians from right here in memphis and all the way from atlanta to celebrate our little journey. let's swap stories. in-real-life instead of digitally.


let's use this as an opportunity to bring our community closer together. we have brand new products in tow that we hope will spark conversation – ones for you to touch, feel, and hold. and with any great get together, we want to create the best experience possible.

join us for us to introduce ourselves to you, our community... our home. hope to see y'all there.

our pop up shop will be live from 12pm-6pm

then we are gonna boogie from 6pm-10pm with musical guests including

Grace Askew /// The Wealthy West /// Matthew Wright 

If you would like to support our event please visit our kickstarter here


MLK, Jr.

benjamin fulfer

he spoke of being on mountain tops.

he spoke about having a dream, where all americans are viewed the same.

he was passionate.

he was unafraid.

his words resounded throughout time. 

and today.. this day... is our day to celebrate, honor and carry on his work for a brighter and equal america.