Jess Jackson


Memphis is a place of creators. Of hustlers, who are out working hard to see their dreams become reality.

Our friend Jess Jackson embodies this Memphis spirit better than most. As a freelance creative director, stylist, curator and DJ, Jess finds all outlets in order to release her creative expression.

Miss Jackson was raised on and around music. While having a classically trained musician as a father and a singer for a mother, music is pulsing through Jess's veins.

Jess is also a part of a music group with her sisters called jcksn Ave. 

We could not say it any better so let Jess sum up what kind of creative freedom she seeks in this life:

"I’m obsessed with creating something out of nothing. I’m also pretty fond of only allowing only what you want people to see & know about you & your life."

listen to Jess and her sisters with jcksn AVE today!