Brandon Kinder

singer songwriter / the wealthy west / the rocketboys

Memphis has a way of bringing you back home. There is a magic to the Mississippi River, and a mystic aura that pulling you back to the delta city, built on the bluff. 

For Brandon Kinder, this cannot be more true. As front man for both the Austin, TX rock group The Rocketboys as well as his solo act The Wealthy West, Brandon Kinder's music is anthemic, emotional and deeply touching.

He has written numerous songs for Television and film, winning BMI's prestigious Film & TV Award two years in a row. Kinder brings his fantastic sense of stirring melody to all manner of his music. His latest releases are The Rocketboys' "Certain Circles" and The Wealthy West's "The Right Regrets."

Brandon and his wife returned to Memphis to continue to build on the city that Brandon grew up in. 

His passion and talent has no bounds, and we are happy to bring him back to our little music city.

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